Best Man Wedding Speeches – 10 Successful Best Man Speech Tips

Posted on Dec 16 2015 - 4:03pm by Amelia

Best man wedding speeches are notoriously difficult. Chosen to be the best man, best man speech is primarily intended as a bridesmaid speech. Great best man speeches are a way to tell the bride and groom that you care about them and their future life together and when you think about it, it’s a pretty good deal. You get to stand up for someone who considers you a lifelong friend, you get to meet lots of people, and you get all the fun of a wedding without being the center of attention. However, if you accept the best man job, you are also going to be getting the responsibility of giving a speech. Stay calm, speak slowly, and consider some of these suggestions to get you started. Here is a short guide to preparing successful Best Man wedding speeches.

How to Write a Best Man's Speech
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There are ten main points of that best man wedding speeches you must remember:

1)  When delivering a best man speech, you can begin to tell the audience why he has chosen you to be the groom’s best man, and tell the audience a little bit about yourself, how the two of you first met, how the bride and the groom first met until the day he has proposed the bride, if you have any of this information then you can share them all.

2) Of all the wedding speeches, I found the best man wedding speech to be the perfect one to tell some jokes because of your close relationship with the groom, you could create a good one liners as an ice breaker and blend in with the audience emotion as you take them to the groom’s past and craziness. But remember don’t tell jokes that could embarrassed or offends him, tell the groom how lucky he is and how he has been a very good friend to you all this time. Make the story short and to the points, this way you will avoid yourself from saying stupid things that could embarrass your and  the groom.

3) When practicing your speech, be sure to say you speech out loud and this will require a lot of practice to keep your voice volume normal and don’t sound like you’re shouting to the audience. Just stay calm and focus, don’t forget to control your breathing so you can still maintain your voice volume in place.

4) Don’t write your speech one night before the wedding, because you’re going need to have a practice, and this speech practicing won’t be enough to do it just once, so you need to practice it many times until you can get the speech right, the timing, the topic. Write down your point of thoughts on a piece of paper, this way you can have a good structured speech and successfully deliver all your thoughts in your speech, and last but not least, you should practice your timing so that it won’t take too long or too short, just enough share all the necessary thoughts in your best man wedding speech. Keep in mind, wedding reception is a very exhausting events and if you make it worst by giving a long and boring speech then you probably will lose your audience, just give a 5-10 minutes speech, I’m sure that you can see most of the important things in 10 minutes.

5) Go back to your earliest memory of the groom. Where did you meet him, and what were you doing at the time? If your first meeting was very memorable, ask yourself when you first realized that he was going to be your friend for as long as he has been. This memory should tell the audience about the groom, highlighting one of his most interesting or attractive features. This is a good way to get the groom’s family nodding along and to show a side of the groom that his partner’s family might not yet have seen.

6) What was it like when the groom met his partner? Was he nervous? Was he excited and boyish? What did he tell you about the meeting? First meeting stories are always a good choice at the wedding, and one of the best things about them is that you can show people another side of the meeting that they might not have considered before. A first meeting story is a great way to pull the other guest of honor into the speech, and it is an excellent choice.

7) When you are at a wedding, you are there to talk about love, and that is a great way to round out your speech. Talk about the luck or the fate that brought the new couple together, and how it was meant to be. Talk about what the groom said about his partner and how he told you they were going to get married. It’s always nice to hear these things from a new perspective. This website recommends humor, so don’t be afraid to be funny.

8) Thank You! Many people worry about making their best man’s speech too short, but the truth is that if you need a little padding, you should always be ready to thank the parents of the new couple and to highlight their contribution. You should also thank the guests there, thank them for making the wedding possible and also thank the audience for their time attending the wedding.

9) Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Risk. Remember that most best man speeches are less than five minutes long. If you want to take a risk, go ahead and do so as long as you are not going to embarrass anyone present. For example, check out the best man video below where a best man decides to mime out his own internal monologue about giving a best man speech. His clever performance gets the crowd laughing, and he finishes up with a heartfelt address to the bride and groom.

10) End with a Wish or a Toast. Some people worry about how they are going to end the best man speech, but frankly, nothing could be easier. When you are ready to sit down, simply wish the new couple the best or propose a toast doing the same. Fortunately, this is a traditional way to end any speech at a wedding, so think about what you want to wish them. Love and happiness are traditional, but if you want to inject a little humor into your speech think about what you know the happy couple can’t live without, whether it is high speed Internet or whiskey sours, and wish them plenty of that!

Giving an awesome best man wedding speech is not difficult at all. The secret is to prepare in advance and deliver a speech that comes from the heart. Although there are many wedding speech sites all over the web that offer wedding speech tips and samples, you will never go wrong if you say a piece that you mean with all your heart. You can always get a sample and follow it, but make sure to personalize it to make it more meaningful.

With these tips shared, hopefully you are now ready to make your best man wedding speech. Please share your suggestion below in the comment section.

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